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Angol nyelvű baba-mama klub- Moms’ sharing circle

Moms’ sharing circle

Join us every week on our English language sharing circle. Moms can share their everyday life challenges, joys or concerns with a group of other mothers, led by a psychologist. A great opportunity to practice your English through talking about the things really matter right now in our lives. You can have your baby or toddler with you, or even leave the little one in the nursery Csupacsiga for one hour.

What it is not:

A sing-along group for babies
An English language class
A therapy group

What it is:

Sharing group for mothers with young children
Topics related to motherhood, family life and communication, parenting, for new mothers or second, third, etc.. kids moms
The whole session in English language for native or not native speakers for everyone at least around intermediate level. 

Feel free to speak and share - in English!

Sessions led by psychologist Zsuzsanna Papp.

Fee: 1800 Ft,-/ occasion. You can buy ticket for 5 occasions, if you like it you can buy again more 5- occasion tickets.

It is on Mondays between 10.00-11.00

Papp Zsuzsanna
Papp Zsuzsanna


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